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Children’s Dentist in Tappan

October 30, 2016

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If you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Tappan, Washington Dental now offer pediatric dental care. Drs. Tong and LaCap and their team at Washington Dental Associates are pleased to announce that we are now the children’s dentist in Tappan. The same office that you come to for your own outstanding dental care is now able to take care of your little ones’ teeth in our fun and friendly facility on the second floor of the building. Read on to find out how we partner with parents to make sure your children grow up with healthy and beautiful smiles.


We Can Help with Your Dental Emergency!

July 27, 2016

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dental emergencyLots of people enjoy a surprise, but there is one type of surprise that no one likes. A dental emergency can be frightening and unnerving. And why do they always seem to happen at the wrong time? Because there is never a good time to have an emergency. However, when you have a dental emergency in Bergenfield or Tappan, NJ, your dentists at Washington Dental are here to help. With our two convenient locations and our ability to see patients for same-day appointments, we can treat your emergency so you can get your life back on track.


How To Care For Your Teething Baby

July 12, 2016

Northvale Children's DentistTEETHING IS NO FUN for babies or parents. Some babies’ teeth erupt with no problems at all but for others, it could be a long and painful process.

Besides giving your child plenty of tender loving care, here are some things you can do to care for your child’s mouth during the teething phase.

Be Aware Of Teething Signs And Symptoms

When your little one finally starts teething, it’s normal for them to be fussy and irritable. Common symptoms are difficulty sleeping, decrease in appetite and increased drooling. It’s also normal for their temperature to increase slightly when they’re teething, however, high-grade fevers are not normal. If your child seems overly cranky or has a high fever, call your physician. (more…)

Orthodontics in Tappan

June 30, 2016

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orthodonticsLauren Hutton, Michael Strahan, Madonna, Condoleezza Rice, Eddie Murphy and David Letterman. What do they all have in common? A gap between their two front teeth, which is medically termed a diastema. For celebrities, this can be a distinguishing characteristic. Nevertheless, most people prefer to eliminate the gap. Fortunately, that can almost always be accomplished with orthodontics while children are young. For this and other orthodontics, Tappan, NY, and Bergenfield, NJ, parents can trust the dentists at both of our conveniently located offices that will now be offering a comprehensive menu of pediatric dental services.


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