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We Can Help with Your Dental Emergency!

July 27, 2016

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dental emergencyLots of people enjoy a surprise, but there is one type of surprise that no one likes. A dental emergency can be frightening and unnerving. And why do they always seem to happen at the wrong time? Because there is never a good time to have an emergency. However, when you have a dental emergency in Bergenfield or Tappan, NJ, your dentists at Washington Dental are here to help. With our two convenient locations and our ability to see patients for same-day appointments, we can treat your emergency so you can get your life back on track.


Sometimes a toothache is a minor inconvenience, such as when the discomfort is caused by a particle of food caught between your teeth. In this case, you may only need to floss. However, a severe toothache can be a sign of a seriously infected tooth. One of the dentists at Washington Dental should see you as soon as possible. Not only can an infected tooth be extremely dangerous, but also the infection can spread beyond your tooth and actually become life threatening. A root canal will need to be performed in order to remove the infection and preserve the tooth.

A Broken Tooth

Another type of dental emergency Tappan residents might sustain is a broken or fractured tooth. Depending on whether or not the break has injured the interior portion of your tooth, a root canal may again be necessary. In any case, you will want to see your dentist in Bergenfield to have the tooth repaired. Until then, rinse your mouth with warm water and use a cold compress on the side of your face to alleviate any pain. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are also recommended, but don’t use a topical painkiller that might hurt gum tissue.

A Knocked Out Tooth

No question about it—a knocked out, or avulsed, tooth is the most serious dental emergency in Bergenfield. Despite the urgency of the situation, we may be able to save the tooth if treatment is delivered quickly.

First, call our office at (201) 453-4850 to let us know that you’re on the way. Then, while only touching the tooth by the crown, rinse the tooth and try to hold it in the socket. If this isn’t possible because of bleeding, place the tooth in a sealed container filled with either milk or a mild saline solution.

Call Us for a Dental Emergency

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office immediately at (201) 453-4850. We offer free exams at both of our convenient locations and same-day appointments if you call before noon.

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