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Should I Be Brushing My Teeth Before or After Breakfast?

May 3, 2022

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Woman brushing her teeth after eating breakfast.

You’ve probably been told your whole life that you need to brush your teeth twice a day. Even though these guidelines come directly from the American Dental Association, the specifics are sometimes left out and aren’t exactly common knowledge. How are you supposed to know when exactly to carry out these two daily cleanings? It makes sense to brush once at the end of the day, before bedtime, but what about in the mornings: should you brush your teeth upon waking up and before eating breakfast, or after you’ve eaten? Your dentist thinks you should do it before eating breakfast—keep reading to learn why.


5 Tips for Getting Rid of Coffee Breath

April 28, 2022

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person holding a cup of coffee

There’s no denying how important coffee is in everyday life. For many people, the day can’t start until they’ve had a big cup of the stuff. As tasty and helpful at energizing you as coffee is, it has an unsavory side effect: coffee breath. If you can’t start your day off without a big cup of joe, read on to learn why coffee breath occurs as well as some tips on how to get rid of it.


Why Is Mouth-Breathing Dangerous?

April 6, 2022

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person mouth breathing while asleep

When you have a stuffy nose as the result of a cold or other illness, it can be nearly impossible to breathe through it. Underlying issues with the nasal passage such as persistent allergies, overly large tonsils, or a deviated septum can also make it difficult to breathe through the nose. Additionally, certain bite alignment problems may make it difficult for people to close their mouths. All of these reasons may cause people to breathe through their mouths instead. Though this may seem harmless, it can have a negative impact on your oral health. Read on to learn about four ways that mouth breathing is bad for your smile.


4 TikTok Recipes Your Teeth & Tastebuds Approve Of

March 31, 2022

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Woman recreating TikTok recipe in kitchen

TikTok isn’t just for organization inspiration and dance videos – it’s one of the most popular resources for healthy meal ideas! From quick and easy breakfasts to sugar-free desserts, this platform has allowed countless creators to share their delicious masterpieces. But how many do both your tastebuds and your teeth love? Keep reading to learn four TikTok recipes that get a thumbs-up from both.


When to Brush Your Teeth: Before or After Breakfast?

February 17, 2022

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woman brushing her teeth

You’ve been hearing from your dentist and parents since you were a child that it’s important to brush your teeth every morning when you wake up. Even the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing twice each day for two full minutes. But is it necessary to do when you first rise? Discover why brushing teeth before breakfast will lend far greater results than if you opt to wait until afterward.


Is a Vegan Diet Bad for Your Oral Health?

February 8, 2022

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person eating vegan food

Do you follow a meat-free diet? Even if you’re not, you’re probably thinking about making that lifestyle change soon. Veganism is a trend that has been on the rise for years now. There are many reasons why people have decided to follow this plant-based diet, including animal welfare, environmental impact, or lowering cholesterol. Although it may seem like a healthier lifestyle, it can be detrimental to your bone health if you’re not careful. That said, read on to learn more about how a vegan diet can affect oral health.


Can Bad Teeth Be Genetic?

November 10, 2021

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woman in Bergenfield holding up drawing of bad teeth

Hair texture, eye color, and several other features can be genetic, but can the same be said for your smile? Research says that the answer may be yes. If you have a genetic predisposition to certain conditions that have resulted in “bad teeth” and you want to improve your pearly whites, read on to learn about the relationship between dental health and genes as well as what you can do to counteract it.


3 Ways to Protect Your Smile During Winter

October 16, 2021

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woman smiling while outside in cold weather

While the temperatures outside continue to fall, you may be enjoying the cozy warmth of your living room fireplace or grumbling and wondering, “Why isn’t it spring yet?” Until you begin to see the first blooms of the season, you’ll need to do everything you can to not only protect your hands and feet from the cold but also keep your smile secure against winter mouth issues. Here are three simple ways you can safeguard your pearly whites in the meantime.  


Don’t forget the Floss: How can flossing save your life!

October 4, 2021

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October is National Hygiene month, so it is fitting we talk about flossing!

Brushing and flossing are equally important to ensure your oral health and to protect your general health. Most people are pretty good about daily brushing…but flossing…well, thats another story. First get the facts. Then, get your floss !

Failing to floss can lead to a dental domino effect: plaque build-up, gingivitis, periodontitis, teeth falling out, premature aging and, eventually, seriously compromised health and longevity !

Flossing is absolutely essential to remove plaque, a sticky substance that forms on the teeth, accumulates and hardens over time

Flossing helps clean teeth in the areas that are impossible to reach by brushing alone—between the teeth and under your gum line.

Mask Mouth is Real

September 15, 2021

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The rules about wearing a mask vary throughout different establishments.  In all health related facilities it is mandatory.  All our children now have to wear masks in school.  That’s a total of 6 hours of mask wear!

We are seeing more of our patients with periodontal disease (bone loss around the teeth) and cavities.  This is due to the effects of continual mask-wearing which is keeping germs and bacteria in the mouth.

What Are The Symptoms Of Mask Mouth?

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