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Meet The Team



Bergenfield & Tappan Dental Team



“We are very privileged to be working with such a gifted, intelligent and dedicated group of dental professionals” -Dr. Tong and LaCap

Kim Bautista, Team Leader

Team Leader, Kim Bautista

Her role in the office is to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. This includes managing both clinical and administrative duties. Previously she worked for an Orthopedic Doctor but she then decided she wanted a change, she wanted to challenge herself with a new profession. Years later Kim still enjoys working for Washington Dental Associates. When she’s not in the office you can find Kim stocking up on the seasons hottest shoes or browsing the handbag section at Bloomingdales. She also has a tradition where every Friday her family and friend gather for a dinner party!

Caitlin, Executive Assistant Smile More Dentistry

Executive Assistant, Caitlin

She is the best person for this job because she joined our team with thirteen years of previous experience. With her position at the office now she can really let her vivacious personality shine through! She is a true thrill seeker, she has gone skydiving, cliff jumping and will try almost anything!

Natalia, Dental Hygienist at Washington Dental Associates

Dental Hygienist, Natalia

She got into the healthcare profession because growing up she was surrounded by it. Her father a Dentist and her mother an OBGYN. Natalia’s job as a hygienist not only consists of cleaning teeth and educating people. She also helps them overcome any fears of the dental office. In her free time, you can find Natalia having family day, or traveling!

Jon, New Patient Coordinator at Washington Dental Associates

New Patient Coordinator, Jon

He is a recent Seton Hall graduate with a major in Social and Behavioral Sciences. His goal as new patient coordinator is to make sure each new patient gets the full five-star experience. From the first tour of the office to making sure they have fresh baked cookies in their gift bags to take home. Wonder why he photographs so well? He has had a lot of practice, he was a model from age 3 to 11 for companies such as Toys ‘R’ Us and Macy’s.


Judy - Photo coming soon

She is the Recare Coordinator at Washington Dental Associates. She got into the field of dentistry because of her uncle who was a Dentist, she worked for years in assisting him. She went to dental school shortly after. Her role is to make sure every patient ends up in the 10% and receives a special t-shirt. Don’t know what the 10% is? It’s the percentage of people who visit the dentist twice a year for cleanings, check-ups and are cavity free! She follows up with patients and makes sure they have a long-lasting treatment plan to help them be healthy. When Judy is not in the office she is probably cooking up something delicious on her hibachi like grill or singing karaoke with friends!

Nina, New Patient Coordinator at Smile More Dentistry

New Patient Coordinator, Nina

She is the first face a new patient sees. It is her responsibility to give each patient the five-star experience from the moment they step in the door to making sure their goodie bags are stuffed! Want a fun fact about Nina? Growing up her grandfather worked at a racetrack, in which she helped out every weekend. Eventually, she developed a love for cars, she now frequents car shows!