Gum Disease Therapy

Better Oral and Overall Heath with Periodontal Therapy

According to recent statistics, 80% of adults over 35 develop some form of gum disease. Because of this, Dr. Tong and Dr. LaCap are proactive about diagnosing and treating this common affliction. Also known as periodontal disease, it usually begins with mild symptoms, such as swollen or bleeding gums. Left untreated, though, it can lead to tooth loss and other serious health conditions, including an increased risk of stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes complications.

What Causes Gum Disease?

A range of factors contribute to gum disease, including heredity and diet. But the most common factor is the buildup of bacterial plaque. As bacterial plaque accumulates along the gumline, your smile is exposed to harmful toxins that can break down the natural fibers holding your gums to your teeth, resulting in pockets. These pockets give bacteria access to the bloodstream and the rest of the body. Gum disease can also make patients more vulnerable to bone loss and tooth decay. All of these risks make periodontal therapy an essential service.

Who Is Most At Risk?

The following conditions can increase a patient’s risk of gum disease:

Comprehensive Periodontal Therapy from Washington Dental Associates and Smile More Dentistry

To stop gum disease and restore dental health, we’ll talk to you about non-surgical periodontal therapy, which may include scaling and root planing or antibiotics. Once your treatment is complete, we’ll take steps to protect your health and investment by making sure your homecare is adequate. Additionally, we will suggest re-care every three months to help prevent recurrence.

Are you struggling with any symptoms of gum disease? Call Washington Dental Associates or Smile More Dentistry to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Tong or Dr. LaCap. We offer periodontal therapy to patients from Tappan, NY as well as Bergenfield, Dumont, New Milford, Teaneck, Cresskill, Tenafly, and other parts of New Jersey.

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