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Gum Disease Risk Assessment Quiz – Bergenfield, NJ

Think You Have Gum Disease? Find Out Today!

It’s estimated that about half of the American population suffers from gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease, this infection of the gums is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. If left untreated, it can lead to serious complications with your oral and overall health. Before you can start seeking treatment options, you need to confirm a diagnosis. If you’re wondering whether or not you have gum disease, take the following quiz to find out!

#1 How Old Are You?

#2 Do You Smoke or Use Any Tobacco Products?

#3 Are You Affected by Diabetes?

#4 Do You Have a Genetic History of Diabetes?

#5 Have You Been Diagnosed with Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, or Strokes?

#6 Are You Pregnant?

#7 Have You Been Diagnosed with Osteoporosis?

#8 Have You Ever Been Told You Have Gum Disease?

#9 Do Your Gums Bleed When Brushing or Flossing?

#10 Do Your Teeth Appear Longer?

#11 Do You Frequently Have Bad Breath?

#12 How Often Do You Visit Your Dentist?

#13 How Often Do You Brush Your Teeth During Each Day?

#14 How Often Do You Floss?

#15 Do You Use a Mouth Rinse?



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Did you answer yes to most of the questions above? If so, there’s a good chance you’re affected by gum disease. Keep in mind that this infection can show up without any common warning signs or symptoms, which is why it’s crucial to stay on top of your routine checkups.

If you’ve finished the quiz and think you may have gum disease, contact our team at Washington Dental Associates right away to schedule an appointment. We’ll develop a custom treatment plan to restore your oral health and get your smile back on the right track in no time!

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