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What to Expect from Denture Relining

March 1, 2024

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dentist holding dentures

If you’re considering getting your dentures refitted, understanding the process is key. Denture relining is designed to enhance the fit and comfort of your dentures by reshaping the interior to better match your gums. This adjustment helps improve stability and comfort when wearing them. If you would like to learn more about what happens during the denture relining process, read on.

Hard Denture Relining

Denture relining, specifically hard relining, enhances the fit and function of your dentures by adding a new layer of acrylic material to the part that touches your mouth. This cost-effective procedure improves the durability and efficiency of your dentures.

To start, your dentist takes a mold of your mouth to create a customized acrylic layer that perfectly matches the contours of your mouth. The denture is then adjusted and polished to ensure a comfortable and properly aligned fit.

Soft Denture Relining

Soft denture relining involves placing a soft, flexible material between the denture base and the oral tissues, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive gums or bony ridges. Typically crafted from silicone-based material, this layer provides a gentle and adaptable surface for the denture.

To begin the process, your dentist takes a mouth impression to create a mold. The soft relining material is then custom-fitted onto the denture base, resulting in a denture that conforms more closely to the contours of the mouth, reducing irritation and soreness.

Temporary Denture Relining

Temporary denture relining is a short-term solution to improve the fit and comfort of dentures. It is often necessary when gums and oral tissues experience significant changes, resulting in loose or ill-fitting dentures.

In this procedure, a soft material is applied to the tissue surface of the denture to create a tighter fit and serve as a cushion between the denture and gums. This offers temporary relief from discomfort and improves stability. Temporary relining is preferred in situations where bone and gum tissues are anticipated to continue changing, such as after tooth extractions or oral surgery.

In conclusion, temporary denture relining offers a short-term solution while awaiting a permanent fix. While it provides immediate relief, it may require frequent adjustments or replacements as oral tissues heal and reshape. Consulting a dental professional is essential to assess your needs and devise the most suitable treatment plan for your situation!

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For exceptional dental care and assistance in achieving a radiant smile, Dr. Mariliza LaCap, Dr. Darren Tong, Dr. Andres Muñoz, Dr. Kaitlyn Terry, and their dedicated team at Washington Dental Associates are ready to help. Specializing in tooth replacement solutions, they excel in denture relining procedures, focusing on enhancing the fit and comfort of your dental restorations. Their experienced team also provides valuable guidance on maintaining the longevity and vitality of your newly relined dentures. To learn more about dentures or to schedule an appointment with Washington Dental Associates, please contact their office at (201) 453-4863 or visit their website.

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