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Is Kissing Possible with Dentures?

February 8, 2023

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Do you worry that your love life will suffer because of your new teeth? It’s a common concern among those suffering from tooth loss, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to! Many patients wonder if kissing with dentures is possible, and the good news is that it is. Although it may require some thought and careful movement, you don’t have to give up on the idea of sharing a smooch with your spouse or significant other. Read on to hear from a dentist who explains what tips to follow to not only keep the love alive but also keep your teeth in place.

How Can I Avoid Embarrassment While Kissing with Dentures?

You’re enjoying an evening out with your special someone when the time arrives to seal the evening with a kiss. You lean in and enjoy the moment until suddenly, your teeth shift and panic sets in. This is every denture-wearers true nightmare.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to become a reality as long as you take a few additional steps to ensure your new teeth stay right where they should:

  • Avoid applying much suction when kissing. Instead, keep it simple and gentle so that nothing gets shifted inside your mouth.
  • Keeps your lips slightly parted, as this can minimize suction.
  • Add a small bit of denture adhesive when first inserting your dentures in the morning, as this will help to keep them in place.

When kissing your partner, you want to make sure that you tell them you’re wearing dentures. This is much more advantageous than having something disastrous happen, catching them off-guard. Also, if you wear a partial denture, using more than just your lips to kiss can cause scratches and scrapes along the tongue.

A Few Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

Apart from knowing how to kiss while wearing dentures, your dentist can also provide some additional tips that will serve to minimize panic, fear, and anxiety while living with dentures. While attempting to keep the love alive in your relationship, remember to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t think too much about what is happening.

Also, use products that ensure security, such as denture adhesive. It’s not uncommon for patients with full dentures to use it, so safeguard your smile even more before your big date.

Just remember, dentures are nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t need to worry about how the other person will react. You’re taking the step to improve your smile, and that is what is important.

About the Author
Dr. Mariliza LaCap has more than two decades of experience working in the oral healthcare field. She and her colleagues work hard to provide patients with top-of-the-line tooth replacement solutions, including dentures. If you are looking to restore your smile with an effective prosthetic that will help you to feel more confident, contact us at (201) 453-4863.

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