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Can Yogurt Help Prevent Bad Breath?

March 19, 2021

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a young woman trying to see if she has bad breath

There’s nothing worse than starting to engage in a conversation only to have the other person furrow their brow and step further away. Although you might want to blame a foul odor coming from another part of the room, the truth is that your bad breath may be the culprit. If halitosis is keeping you from being able to socialize with others, it’s time to find out the cause of your problem and what you can do to remedy it. Fortunately, a local dentist is here to explain why you have bad breath and how yogurt may just be the solution you need.

What Causes Bad Breath?

It is not uncommon for bad breath to be the result of eating some pungent and strongly odorous foods. Garlic, onions, and alcohol, fish, and coffee can cause you to perform a sniff test, but poor oral hygiene is also to blame. The decision to forgo brushing, flossing, and rinsing can lead to millions of bacteria forming and making their home in the crevices of your teeth and gums. As a result, you can develop tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and even halitosis. But that’s not the only cause that can result in a foul odor coming from your mouth. Other culprits include:

  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Oral infections caused by sores, gum disease
  • Surgical wounds within the mouth
  • Sinus inflammation or sore throat
  • Dry mouth
  • Certain medications
  • Certain diseases (i.e., cancers, gastrointestinal disease)

How Can Yogurt Help?

If you want to do something about your bad breath, you may be tempted to try sugar-free chewing gum or mints, but you might be surprised to learn that yogurt has many unique properties that can help combat this common problem.

Yogurt contains active bacteria known as Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, both of which can reduce chemical compounds in the mouth that can cause bad breath. As a probiotic, it can effectively target the program and work to minimize it. It is also believed that the bacterium in yogurt lowers the level of hydrogen sulfide, which is known for its odor-causing problems.

Although best to opt for plain yogurt to avoid adding too much sugar to your diet, you are advised to eat at least 6 ounces each day if you want to reduce your chances of bad breath. Apart from its ability to curb halitosis, yogurt is also known for its properties that can decrease your risk for gum disease, balance pH levels within the mouth, and minimize your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

By incorporating yogurt into your daily diet, you can certainly worry less about the way your breath smells when surrounded by others. But it’s also important to remember that good oral hygiene and a healthy diet can also work to your advantage.

About the Author
Dr. Mariliza LaCap has more than two decades of experience working in the oral healthcare field. Completing her Aesthetic Advantage Certification at New York University, she went on to receive her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University School of Dental & Oral Surgery, graduating in the top 10% of her class. At Washington Dental Associates, she and her colleagues want you to feel confident with the look and functionality of your smile as well as how it smells. If you notice that you are suffering from bad breath, contact us at (201) 453-4863.

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