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Urgent Dental Issues CAN’T WAIT!

November 17, 2020

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What starts as a minor toothache can become a raging infection that requires serious medical treatment! The last thing you need is an agonizing toothache or a trip to the ER!

Makes you think twice about delaying dental care! One day it’s painful…the next it’s not. Ignored dental problems only get worse. Washington Dental Associates can help prevent that from happening!!

Never Neglect a Toothache

Don’t mistakenly think a toothache that calms down is good news! Once the nerve dies, it’s no longer transmitting pain. But the problem is still there… and will continue to worsen without attentive treatment. Dental abscesses and other serious consequences can develop rapidly.

If you have redness, swelling or fever, you could have a dangerous dental abscess that needs immediate attention.

Your Sensitive Teeth Are “Talking” to You!

If you cringe while eating something hot, cold or sweet… something’s wrong! It could be a decay, a loose filling, a crack or a fracture. Why settle for limiting your foods, chewing on one side, risking tooth loss…. Or worse? Let our smile team treat those sensitive teeth now!

Healthy Gums DON’T Bleed

Bleeding, puffy and red gums are early signs of gum disease. An infection anywhere in the body–including your mouth— will compromise your immune system and affect your overall health.

This is Definitely NOT the Time to Self-Diagnose…

Don’t wait for a minor dental issue to turn into a major costly one!

Schedule your appointment with us by booking online HERE or by calling (201)384-2425. We would love to help you get out of any type of discomfort.

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