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Invisalign and Your Smile: Why It’s Best to Start Treatment at the End of the Year

October 16, 2020

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Are you tired of looking at a poorly aligned smile? Want to make changes before the new year arrives? If you’ve been considering Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth and improve your aesthetics, there’s no better time than the end of the year to start your treatment. While everyone is planning for their annual New Year’s resolutions, you can get a jump start on yours. A local dentist explains why you will benefit from this decision to start early.

How Much Will Invisalign Cost?

Because no two patients are alike, you cannot compare your Invisalign treatment to someone else. When meeting with your dentist to discuss the possibility of realigning your smile with these clear aligners, there are factors to consider, such as:

  • The number of aligners you will need to achieve desired results
  • The retainer you will use after completing Invisalign treatment
  • The type of dental insurance you have and whether orthodontics is covered

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign?

This is dependent on your individual insurance provider. While it is likely they will pay a percentage for treatment, you will need to check with your insurer to determine how much you can expect your out of pocket expenses to be after filing with insurance. If you do not feel comfortable asking the appropriate questions for fear you may forget or miss something, a member of your dental team can work on your behalf to get you the answers you need as well as file any necessary paperwork or claims.

Why Start Invisalign at the End of the Year?

One of the most pivotal reasons to start Invisalign treatment at the end of the year is so that you will use your annual maximum and avoid valuable dollars being returned to the insurance company. The truth is that your dental benefits do not roll over at the start of each calendar year, so whatever you don’t use between January and December, you will lose.

If you’ve already met your deductible, starting your Invisalign treatment will ensure you use your annual maximum for both the current and upcoming years. This is possible because your Invisalign plan will carry over across calendar years, allowing you to take advantage of your new yearly max once you renew your benefits.

This is, by far, the most effective and efficient way to avoid additional out of pocket expenses, especially since you will likely go over the capped amount provided to you by your insurance company.

If you would like to make sure you’re getting the most out of your dental benefits, don’t wait until next year to start Invisalign. Get on a path to a straighter smile today!

About the Author
Dr. Mariliza LaCap has more than two decades of experience working in the oral healthcare field. Completing her Aesthetic Advantage Certification at New York University, she went on to receive her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University School of Dental & Oral Surgery, graduating in the top 10% of her class. Not only is she an Invisalign Elite Provider, but she is also a skilled cosmetic dentist who can offer patients an abundance of treatment options to fix imperfect smiles. If you would like assistance in improving your aesthetics, contact us at (201) 453-4863.

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