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Everything you need to know about the BURST brush

May 8, 2020

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Correct Technique
Correct Technique

What is the correct brushing technique of the BURST brush?

The advantage of the BURST sonic toothbrush is that it gives off 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, allowing your teeth to look, feel and be cleaner relative to using a manual brush. The key is to let the sonic brush do the work itself and not brush like you would with a manual toothbrush.

Starting with one quadrant of your mouth, simply place your sonic brush at a 45-degree angle toward the gumline. This allows the tooth and the gumline to be cleaned at the same time. Slowly move the toothbrush from tooth to tooth, staying on each tooth for a couple of seconds. Use this technique for the outer surfaces, inner surfaces, and chewing surfaces for each of the four quadrants.

You should be brushing each quadrant for 30 seconds, and therefore a total of two minutes for the entire mouth. Our quadinterval timer is designed such that every 30 seconds you’ll get a gentle pulse to remind you to change quadrants until your two minute brush time is complete. So the take home message is to let the BURST brush do the work!

Brush Head Elements
Brush Head Elements
  • Our black bristles are the highest quality PBT nylon. To make them even more unique and soft they have been coated with Binchotan charcoal nanoparticles. These nanoparticles have an exponential surface area, which allows for maximum plaque and gingivitis removal without damaging gums and enamel.
  • The bristles by design are a multi-length interdental style, which are perfect for getting between the teeth as well as polishing the surface area.
  • The rubber x is a tooth polisher
  • The back of the head is a tongue scraper
The Gap Between Head and Handle
  • Our heads are not supposed to go in all the way and touch the handle. There should be a small gap. This design feature enables the BURST brush to produce the maximum sonic vibrations we are aiming for. If the brush does not have this small space in the head, it will rub against the base and prevent the metal rod from giving full sonic strength to the head, which in turn lessens the positive impact on your teeth.
  • NOTE: Oscillating electric toothbrushes, where the head moves from left to right (usually a small round head) will NOT have a gap. They employ a different technology to move the head which requires the head and base to touch.

Currently there is no sensor, however, if a user presses too hard, the motor will slow down accordingly to protect the patient’s gums.


The brush is designed with a two minute timer which is automatically activated each time you press “on”. This quadinterval timer will pulse every thirty seconds, serving to remind you to switch quadrants every thirty seconds for maximum brushing results.


The power button is the round button in the center of the brush with the smiley face. To shuffle between modes, press the power button in fast succession. To turn the brush off, leave a mode running for three seconds and then press the power button again.Sensor

Currently there is no sensor, however, if a us

  • Because our bristles are so soft, we can increase the sonic vibrations per minute versus traditional Sonic Brushes. This makes the BURST brush even more effective at removing plaque and gingivitis.
  • Our whitening mode is 33,000 sonic vibrations
  • Our sensitive mode is 31,000 sonic vibrations
  • Our massage mode for gums is back up to 33,000 vibrations

Our industry leading battery is a 700mH Lithium Ion battery, which gives a guaranteed 4 week battery life when brushing two times per day. These batteries come charged up so you can start brushing right away and will not be damaged by continuous partial charging (ie placing on the dock now and again before it is dead).


The cross at the bottom details battery life, when battery life is below 20% this cross will flash 10 times indicating that it is ready for a charge. It will also illuminate when the brush is charging on the base. When fully charged, this light will go out.


Our base is water resistant and is designed to serve as a charging dock for your BURST brush. It has a built in USB charge cable and can be used in conjunction with a USB wall adaptor or any device with a USB port.

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