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Your Family Dentist in Bergenfield on Six Month Visits

August 31, 2017

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dr. lacap smiling at her deskDr. Mariliza LaCap, owner and founder of Smile More Dentistry and Smile More Kidz in Tappan, NY, is a very busy woman. Managing four practices is a great responsibility — but that doesn’t prevent Dr. LaCap from keeping her patients close to her heart. This week she took the time from being Supermom and best-selling author to sit down and personally send you reminders of the importance of the recare of your pearly whites! Keep reading to learn more from your family dentist in Bergenfield on the importance of six month checkups and cleanings.

Frequent Dental Attention Is Crucial

It’s recommended that patients of all ages and stages of life receive a professional dental cleaning every six months and a check-up at least once a year. Depending on the condition of your gums, it may even be necessary to get a professional cleaning as frequently as every 3 months to prevent the damaging effects of gum disease. I can make a recommendation so you know just how often to come into the office for preventive care.

But why do you need to come in so often, anyway? No matter how well you do it, daily brushing just does not remove all the plaque and bacteria from your teeth, in fact it only gets off a measly 65 percent of the biofilm that builds up on your smile throughout the day! If it’s not properly removed, plaque hardens into tartar, which is the cause of cavities and many other problems such as gum disease. A Smile More Dentistry cleaning will not only keep your teeth white and bright but it will keep them strong and prevent or delay the progression of periodontal disease.

Visit the “Dentist Near Me” You’ve Been Searching For!

So now that you know how often you should be visiting the dentist, we’ve got to ask — when was the last time you came into Smile More Dentistry for a checkup and cleaning? If it’s been more than six months for you or anyone in your family, we encourage you to schedule an appointment today.

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