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Get Affordable Dentistry without Dental Insurance in Tappan

December 20, 2016

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Get care without dental insurance in Tappan.Your child walks into the living room with a concerned look on their face, their hand pressed firmly against their jaw. “My tooth hurts.” Your heart breaks a little bit. You know it’s been a long time since they’ve gone to the dentist, but you just can’t afford it right now. You don’t have dental insurance in Tappan, and paying for treatment out of pocket just isn’t an option. What can you do? They’re in pain and something has to be done.

This is a problem many people face today. For someone like you, a little help can go a long way. In order to make our services more accessible and affordable to a wider range of people, Washington Dental Associates and Smile More Dentistry are now offering a special Oral Health Savings Plan.

What is the Oral Health Savings Plan?

Our dental savings plan works very similarly to dental insurance, except it doesn’t have the restrictions and high premiums you’ll get with most plans. For a low annual fee, you and your family can get access to a complete array of dental services that will keep your teeth healthy the entire year.

The plan costs $250 for the first person and $200 for each additional person in your family. For this, you get a $700 value, such as free preventive care like cleanings, check-ups, and x-rays for the entire year. The plan also includes discounts on restorative services, periodontal (gum) therapy, and routine extractions. You’ll practically make your money back after just one visit.

How It Helps You

Of course, the main point of this plan isn’t just financial, but medical. Preventive care like cleanings and check-ups are some of the most important tools used in dentistry today. They allow our team to clean your teeth in a way that you simply can’t at home, addressing those commonly missed trouble spots that are so often the source of cavities. Regular check-ups allow Dr. Tong and Dr. Lacap to catch dental issues early, enabling them to treat you quickly and conservatively. This not only keeps your teeth looking clean and healthy, but saves you from having to get potentially uncomfortable (and expensive) restorative procedures in the future. You can walk into our office knowing that you’ll be able to easily afford the care you and your family need, and that is a feeling every parent wants to have.

How To Enroll

This plan makes us able to offer the most affordable dentistry in Tappan and Bergenfield, and we’re happy to do it. If you’d like to get a complete list of everything that you get with our plan, please take a look at our brochure. Then, if you have any questions or want to enroll today, simply give us a call at either of our locations.

You no longer have to worry about going to the dentist. With our Oral Health Savings Plan, you can walk into our office just as confident as when you leave with a fresh smile.

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