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Seeing Your Bergenfield, Dumont, NJ Dentist is About More Than Cleaning Your Teeth!

November 15, 2010

Dr. Darren Tong Provides Healthy Smiles and Healthy Lives

A lot has changed in health care over the past few years and no doubt, you’ve heard about the major breakthroughs in preventive care and surgical techniques. What you might not know is that dental care has seen vast improvements as well. Perhaps you haven’t heard as much about it on the news, but many general dentists just like myself have been on the front lines of major advancements right here in Bergenfield, NJ, and we want you to know what it means for you.

General Dentistry and Your Health
Study after study has shown that there is a strong link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Good oral health, more specifically, healthy gums, can lower your risk for several diseases including heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and even dementia. So regular preventive dental visits to my Bergenfield, NJ general dentistry office will not only help you avoid cavities and the dreaded dental drill, but help keep your heart strong and your mind sharp! Preventive dental care, including regular checkups and professional hygiene, is the foundation of my practice. It’s a foundation designed to keep your mouth fit and keep you smiling well into your golden years!

Preventive Dental Care and Gum Disease
You may be asking, “Dr. Tong, why should I see you at least twice a year?” The answer is simple: Prevention. Many of the patients I see at my Bergenfield, NJ dental practice have signs of early gum disease. Early detection is key in preventing the advancement of gum disease, and with it, your risk for more serious conditions.

Ask Your Doctor about Your General Dentist
If you ask your doctor about the importance of regular dental checkups, he or she will tell you it’s essential to your health. By keeping the schedule suggested for your routine checkups and hygiene, you are getting some of the best preventive health care available, and a beautiful smile to boot! If you haven’t seen a dentist in the last six months, contact my Bergenfield, NJ dental office and make an appointment today.

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